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Name Youtube Vanced Apk
Publisher Vanced Team
Size 4.26 MB
Features Ad Free, Background Play
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Youtube vanced apk is a boundlessly beneficial app that gives you the validity to download your favorite YouTube recordings rapidly, effortlessly, and accommodatingly.
One of the foremost fragile things around Vanced is that its interface is uncommonly comparative to the official YouTube app.
This makes it a breeze to explore your favorite recordings and, after that, download them effectively. Subsequently, once you’ve found the video from the Vanced organize, you reasonably ought to tap on the bolt found underneath the video to start downloading. After that, you get to choose the determination and other settings to suit your needs concurring to the gadget you’re attending to utilize to observe the video.Vanced could be a curious app that lets you download various YouTube recordings as you would like in a matter of seconds.

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Install Vanced

YouTube™ Vanced is the stock Android YouTube™ app, but superior! Incorporates adblocking, genuine AMOLED dull mode, and apart more. Utilize the convenient Vanced Director to introduce YouTube™ Vanced with ease.


Vanced, but for YouTube™, Music! Typically moderately less highlight wealthy compared to vanced but still highlights numerous things you come to anticipate like adblocking and foundation playback all interior YouTube™ Music!

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AdGuard is a perfect way”> the ideal way to induce freedom of meddling advertisements and online following and to ensure your computer from malware. Make your web surfing quicker, more secure, and more comfortable with AdGuard!

Main Features:

  • Highlights the alternative of an AMOLED dark subject to decrease eye and battery strain.
  • Swipe controls let you control brightness and volume like how it is in other video player apps such as VLC or MX Player (with configurable padding).
  • New auto rehash includes allowing you to appreciate recordings like TikTok’s/vines or, essentially, proceed to play a tune on loop and not enjoy the new comments segment or mini player?
  • Those, moreover, can be flipped to the tablet adaptations, which are exceptionally comparative to the ancient transformation (yet somewhat buggy).
  • Blocks All recordings advertisements and permits you to play recordings within the foundation or in Picture in Picture (as it were on android 8.0 and up)


  • Permits you to supersede Codec alternatives such as driving H264 for ancient gadgets or VP9; this moreover permits you to constrain HDR playback or turn off 60fps if you lean toward a cinematic involvement.
  • (Custom device configs for these highlights can be found on our friction or XDA) Force the default video determination as tall or moo as you need and indeed abrogate your screen determination for that sharp 4k playback on any gadget, conjointly permits you to alter default playback speed to anyplace between 0.25x to 2x (accepting your device is capable enough)
  • Allows you to flip domestic ads, most UI ads, Stock advertisements, Community posts, Motion picture upselling, compact standard information (such as the covid data), expel comments completely, close motion picture, motion picture rack evacuation, and numerous more!
  • Highlights the capacity to skip irritating support fragments (where a Youtuber publicizes a benefit or item within the center of a video).
  • It moreover underpins cutting other categories, such as intros, outros, and updates to subscribers.
  • It uses the API found here. You’ll discover more data on how it works.
  • It also permits you to yield your claim fragments to the API and contribute to the more extensive community.
  • Total control over whether to naturally skip a section category or appear a button for skipping, or basically fair not skipping it at all.
  • Highlights the portion within the particular colour based on its category within the playback timeline.

 Optimization for Vanced and MicroG for Vanced

There’s no standard strategy to impair battery optimization for a specific app on Android, as distinctive OEMs actualize the module in their skins in totally different ways. Since the steps and workflow change from OEM to OEM, it would be way better to check out our gatherings to discover a reasonable direct for your device. YouTube Vanced apk is no question a valuable mod, and we’re happy to see the community improving its features from time to time. It is reasonably basic to utilize, and you’ll have to get to a large number of energizing additional usefulness to your YouTube seeing encounter.

How To Change Your Youtube URL In 2022

There are motivations behind why channel owners require a custom Youtube URL. Thus, have seen at the under reasons some time as of late we get into our veritable location how to adjust Youtube URL.

  • A URL should not be difficult to recollect.
  • The URL of the channel is the one that can be imparted to the crowd.
  • Custom URLs are attractive.
  • You can incorporate your direct names in a custom URL, so it’s an extraordinary marking for the channel.

So let me tell you how to change the URL without any white bitterness.

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. From the left menu, select Customisation and afterward Basic data.
  3. Track down Channel URL choice and click on set a custom URL.
  4. You can pick the URL in light of your channel name or add a few additional letters or numbers to make your custom URL one of a kind.
  5. By and by, as the URL is concentrated on, you fair got to tap on Distribute and fair tap on Affirm to permit your attestation.

Check How To Run YouTube Videos In Background

Let’s face it, we’ve all been experiencing the very same thing when we see a decent music video on YouTube that we actually liked and end up requiring to stream it throughout a workout or possibly functioning, or perhaps while shopping. While numerous streaming songs apps allow you to listen to songs promptly– that is, when the app isn’t open up on the gadget– YouTube in fact needs you to be glued to the display (or potentially the application is).

While on your computer you can simply restrict the program, we are not continuously playing music on your computer. There are applications on the Play Shop (however, with a lots of advertisements) to do; however, there’s additionally an online YouTube in-house premium feature and also a lot of different methods to attain something really similar. So, the following are 2 basic and also convenient tricks to play YouTube recordings without frequently having the app open.


Download the most recent Vanced Director from here on your Android device. Install the app and open it. Make beyond any doubt to choose “nonroot” amid the introductory arrangement wizard. Tap “Install” another to MicroG. Follow the enlightening to permit introducing from unknown apps. MicroG will download, and after that, you’ll tap “Install” when it’s ready. Next, tap “Install” another to Vanced. Select your favored topic and tap “NEXT.” Select your favored dialect and tap “FINISH.” Vanced will download, and you’ll tap “Install” when it’s ready. Success!

Absolutely. Whereas it may be in a lawful dark zone, YouTube is well inside their rights to end your account if you employ the app. No. It is not illicit to utilize YouTube Vanced.

Try getting to your device Settings > Accounts, Vanced MicroG, and erase your account. Presently re-open Vanced and log back in. Thank you. This strategy still works.

Currently, we have smartphones that operate on the iOS or Android operating system. And you may currently recognize that there is a large difference between these 2 smart device operating systems. Something that might deal with Android could not work with iOS, and also the opposite is additionally true. Actually, this is what happens most of the time. That said, it could be the instance where the same approach services both mobile phones with a few tweaks. Right here are some approaches to help you play YouTube video clips behind-the-scenes.